Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

This is only a short note to thank all my friends. We spent New Year's Eve together -- and two more days after that -- playing boardgames and had an amazing time.

Thank you all for the fun and especially my friend Zsuzska for the "chalet" ;)!

I'm planning to write a bit about the games we played (El Grande, Race for the Galaxy, Agricola, Dixit, Halli Galli, Dungeon Twister) from my point of view. I really love some of them and could only recommend them.

As soon as I'm done with my last exam, I'll be back. I'll have a couple more days in Budapest and I'll be meeting friends before shooting off to Geneva. These few weeks have been really amazing. I had all the fun of being in Hungary loaded into a short period of time. This doesn't exactly help me go back to Geneva. I know I didn't use to enjoy it so much here and I love Switzerland. Still. Here everything seems so natural and easy and once I go back, every day's gonna be a struggle for some time. I know it's totally worth it and I know I'm gonna make it... but I'm still a bit afraid of it all.

But I guess it'll all be OK :) After all it is 2010 and a year that writes like this can only be fun :)

Happy 2010!

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