Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite Boardgames (So Far)

As promised, I'll do a brief listing of all the boardgames I love and why I love them.
I spent the last day of 2009 and a couple of the first days of 2010 playing with my friends so I had a chance to compare these games one right after the other.

Let me start with my new fave, game of the year (2009) in France, Dixit.
This is sort of a party game (so different from the others) and can entertain 4-6 people so long as they're even a little bit creative. It's best played by 5 or 6 players and does not require a lot of tactics. A video review is out there so I won't go into the details but I have to say that this is the best party game I've ever played. And the only one I'm planning to buy. That is, if I can lay hands on one -- it's been sold out in Hungary as well as in neighboring France (neighboring Geneva that is).

After the newest comes the oldest, the game that led me into the (add adjectives) world of gamers.
Tigris & Euphrates.
It's not a party game at all and all the more enjoyable. I love how simple it is and how much strategy can be involved in playing such a clear cut game. It has a nice theme but definitely not overwhelming and the logic of the game is much more apparent than in the case of many games nowadays. I still enjoy it after so many years. Plays best at 3 or 4 players.

My recent baby is El Grande, an area control game. I used to play Attila, a similar game, but it just felt skewed somehow. There were "unfair" elements in the game. Now El Grande is perfect. I couldn't think of anything I don't like about it. Maybe that you cannot play it super tired. But that applies to most strategic games. Plays awesome at 2 or 4 or 5 although it's a totally different game if played in 2. I haven't tried in 3 but I think that's not enough intrigue to mess things up. :)

Dungeon Twister is my BF's favorite. I've only played it couple of times as I'm too impulsive for the game, which is really like chess with a super powerful theme. In fact, I love the theme. And the 2nd edition can be played alone. I guess its makers realized that not so many people are so clever. =D It's a great game, I just have to admit I'm not the thinking type. =) (Seriously, I love strategy but I don't like to concentrate so much.)

Carcassonne is also one of the games I've recently played with. Although generally regarded as a family game, it should definitely be tried with its extensions. Some (e.g. Traders and Builders) can really spice it up and give more food for thought.

Some of my friends really enjoy playing Citadels. It's a great game but sometimes I have the feeling my party's playing with cards face up. I guess it's only because I know them so well, which turns the game into a psychoanalytic mind-reading one I don't quite like. But definitely check out the game, it's not a party one!

OK, my personal fave ever is Race for the Galaxy. It's strategical enough and takes only 45 minutes when played by two players (can be played by up to 4). I simply love it!

Those are some of the boardgames I've been playing. If I have more time, I'll write a few lines about the rest as well.

I hope some have made your mouth water XD Check out BoardgameGeek for more information.

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  1. I forgot to mention AGRICOLA... how silly of me! That game is also awesome and some of my absolute favorites! It's a bit more complicated (at first sight) but lots of fun! And the only game I know that even tired/not-gaming-minded people can play and have lots of fun with it. And that tells you a lot! ;)