Thursday, December 3, 2009

L'Escalade de Geneve (a MUST DO if you're around!)

I won't go on about the background and the program, both available here.
But I have to say I'm pretty excited! XD
I've already bought our Chocolate Cauldron from Auer (CHF26, yes I know!) an am looking forward to smashing it. I looked around for the best quality and this was the one I liked the best. I bought a really tiny one (size 3 I think) but as it's filled with marzipan thingies and as we're not that into sweets, it's enough for us.

Anyway, if in/around Geneva, don't miss this magnificent festival next weekend (starting Friday!).

I have to go & buy my ticket to Sion for Saturday. Coming back with all the details on the trip & hike! ;)



  1. The official website with lots of details:

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