Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Memoriam

I just have to post this. It has nothing to do with Geneva or my life at the moment but...
this is the first thing I've ever read about anorexia that I actually agree with.

I've read so much about cures and people (involved or not) fighting it -- but I always felt sad because I knew they were worthless efforts.

I've read about people fighting the opposition -- and felt like sicking up, for several reasons.

But I couldn't have put it better than Carrie Sloan. I guess it's all about undertsanding it. Really understanding it. Not like wishing one had the self control to do it. Not like loathing it like an enemy.

Sometimes I really think that there's a whole misconception, a sort of misconceptualization about it. I guess it's a mental condition one's prone to, just like all the others we don't care so much about. Like some people have a tendency to get nervous, etc. And most people get nervous at times, to some extent.

I think this could work the same way. One can like have it, say, in 40 %, without going to extremes. Without being noticed. Still, it's a thinking disorder. And I really hate the fact that it's considered "absolutely normal" for women to be concerned about their weight.

There's nothing normal in that.

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