Friday, November 13, 2009

Geneva Inside =)

I'm kind of confined to my couch these days. I'm reading research after research after study. I'm quite enjoying it, I'm liking my topic more and more -- but it still means that I miss out a lot on the fun Geneva has to offer.

Yesterday we had our brand new (& gorgeous) washing machine installed. It took around 10 minutes and cost CHF 150. I should get trained for a plumber! =)

But it's been working all day -- and gosh, what a difference! We used to have a very simple washing machine back in Hungary (that belonged to the owner of the apartment) and this is a Whirlpool AWE 7720.

By the way, I ordered it from They were really nice (and have very low prices) so I can only recommend them.

We're planning a little excursion tomorrow. I hope the weather will clear up... [thunderstorm outside =( ] ... and I can tell you what the Saleve is like! ;)

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