Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Best Fondu ever

OK, I'll make this post really short because I really have to be working on my thesis. But I've just thought of how many things I've done here in Geneva and never written about them. So I'll make up for it.

This place is awesome! We had fondue there a couple of weeks ago. The people who took us there told us it was the best fondue they'd ever had. And they were so right!

I loved the atmosphere, like in a granny's dining room. With the pictures on the wall and the different tables and chairs! None of them matched and neither did the plates and forks =) ... and the gorgeous smell of good Swiss cheese. (Which makes you think of another good point: that your kitchen will be spared of it! =D)

I can't write about the fondue. Words can't explain its excellence.

And the meringue avec sa creme du Gruyere! Guys, don't read the description on the menu. I know it sounds the weirdest thing on Earth -- but it's delicious!

I'm still dreaming about that fondue and wake up wishing I had some occasion coming up soon. Or someone coming to visit just so I could go back to the Café du Soleil. Not that it's expensive or anything. I guess we're just not used to going out without some special reason. But this might be changing soon because the Café du Soleil itself is reson enough.

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